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The female caterpillar lays about 300-500 eggs on the mullberry tree.
The larvae (caterpillars) hatch from the eggs. They are called silkworms.
Silkworms eat mulberry leaves.
As silkworms grow larger, they need to molt many times.
After the fourth molting, the silkworm was ready to turn into a caterpillar. It climbed a branch and began extruding a thread to spin the net.
While the net is holding the silkworm, the animal oscillates continuously from side to side in Figure 8. While doing this, it is distributing fibroin protein and a chewing gum called sericin from two water glands. its foam.
Silk solidifies when exposed to air.
Silkworms gradually locked themselves in a cocoon. Making a complete cocoon usually takes two to three days.
The intact cocoon is harvested, with the silkworm still inside.
Cocoons are boiled, killing silkworms. Hot water also removes sericin.
The cocoon is brushed to locate the outer end of the filament.
The filament is wound on a roll. At this time, the product is called raw silk. It takes about 2,500 cocoons to produce one pound of raw silk. Silk yarn consists of several yarns and some yarns may be made up of one thread. Typically, one thread will consist of five to eight strands.



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